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Upgrade or Sell

Remodel, Upgrade or Sell

When you find that your home is no longer a perfect fit it may be time to upgrade or sell your home.  Upgrades often start innocently enough with small improvements.  New paint for this room, new flooring for that room, and the next thing you know you’re back at the home improvement store staring down a series of much larger projects.  Then it hits you.  This is going to be a lot of work, money, and time…  Is it time to call a licensed contractor?  Is it time to call a REALTOR®?

Remodel or Sell

The answer to whether you should upgrade or sell your home is dependent on a number of factors – factors you will have to weigh and contrast against your own priorities. It isn’t uncommon once you start down the road of making improvements to your living space that you quickly realize that perhaps a new home might be a better fit. Let’s look at a few options you be considering.

Remodel or SellRemodel & Keep

The less items on your wish list the higher the likelihood it might be easier to just stay put – but, the more expensive the remodel, the longer you may need to stay to make the investment pay off financially.

Sell as-is

Whether your home has little to improve or quite a bit – this is often the most desirable option when selling is at the top of the list of options.

Touch-up & Sell

If you want top dollar for your home, I can provide you with a list of touch up items to tackle before presenting your property to the public. These items can range from landscaping chores, filling small holes in the wall, adding fresh paint, a deep carpet clean, and securing loose fixtures.

These types of tasks are often easier, less expensive, and as a result, provide the largest returns. It’s often faster and easier to hire a professional to tackle these tasks as they already have the tools and experience to hammer out the projects.

Remodel or SellRemodel & Sell

Some may get the urge to turn their property into their dream home with the hope of a bigger selling price. You may want to resist this urge as many upgrades will not immediately return promising gains on your time and financial investment – of course, projects and markets vary.

I am happy to help you determine your best course of action.  Let’s talk.

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Boise, Idaho – As the fastest growing metropolitan area in the country, the Treasure Valley is simply exploding in growth.  While much of this growth has primarily affected Boise, Meridian, and Nampa, the growth finds itself even spilling into communities such as Middleton, Kuna, and Caldwell. Bottom line, now is an amazing time to consider listing your home – especially true if you’re looking to move a little further from the dominant growth communities.

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At the heart of our business is the impact of Idaho real estate over lifetimes. From seller to buyer, to the families that live inside these homes, Legacy Real Estate Co. is in the business of sharing your story, sharing your legacy. Founded on the principles of Family, Community, and Humanity, Legacy Real Estate Co. is committed to helping current and future clients design the life they want to live – in the community they want to enrich – one dream home at a time. Committed to the impact and desire to give back, Legacy Real Estate Co. also contributes their time and resources to greater humanitarian efforts.

Whether starting a legacy with First-Time Home Buyers or working alongside Sellers in continuing their legacy, Owner & Realtor® Jenn Weiss brings years of experience from over 100 home transactions. She is passionate and committed to providing an avenue for professional agents to thrive at their very best while creating their own legacy. In unity and as your trusted real estate resource, Legacy Real Estate Co. dedicates to serve all clients in the very best way possible. We’re ready to serve YOU and the Boise metropolitan area!